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ASCSL agrees official partnership with the British Council

We are very happy to announce that ChineseSpeakers (ASCSL) has agreed a new partnership with the British Council’s Generation UK: China Network. The Network aims to connect all British nationals with experience in China to help secure the sustainability and … Continue reading

‘Collecting Gods’ by Wu I-Wei 吳億偉的〈撿神〉英文翻譯

Wu I-Wei (吳億偉) has won numerous awards including the United Daily Press Literary Award for Fiction, the China Times Literary Award for Fiction and Essays, the United Literature Monthly Literary Award for Fiction, and the Liberty Times Lin Rungsan Literary … Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Sewn Together’ by Lai-chu Hon 韓麗珠的《縫身》書評

This novel is set in a dystopian society where people are encouraged to be sewn together, although it’s a little unclear why exactly this is. There are hints that it’s got to do with some sort of disease which threatens … Continue reading

Review of ‘Revisiting the White Bridge’ by Roan Ching-yue 書評:阮慶岳的《重見白橋》

  *Contains spoilers*   Roan Ching-yue is an architecture professor in Taiwan and has written several stories featuring gay themes, including ‘The Pretty Boy from Hanoi‘ and ‘The Con Man‘ (click through for my translation), both featured in the short story … Continue reading

Short Story Translation: ‘The Con Man’ by Roan Ching-yue 〈騙子〉阮慶岳

He was a con man. He felt like a cotton-bound paper lantern, panicking that he would be seen through at any moment, giving off, as he was, a glow of affability and affection from every pore, both tantalizing and haughty. … Continue reading

Shamelessly Ashamed: 「不恥」 or 「不齒」 Part 2

This is an update to a former post that you can check out here. The previous post described the use of the term 「不恥」(bu4chi3) in a short story by a Taiwanese author. I later came across the term again in 《馬橋詞典》 … Continue reading

A Dictionary of Maqiao 《馬橋詞典》書評

A Dictionary of Maqiao is a really considered and philosophical book, whilst managing to retain an earthiness and wit throughout.   I liked the way the narrator poses the book as an effort to deconstruct traditional story-telling. He sees the traditional … Continue reading

Film Review ‘Ice Poison’: All the right ingredients but no magic 《冰毒》影評

This film is set in and around Lashio in Northern Shan State in Myanmar, a region populated by many ethnic Chinese. Some are later immigrants, while others are remnants of the retreating Nationalist Army – posted there as guerrilla forces … Continue reading

MRT Poetry ‘Eagle’

Nice little poem on the MRT in Taipei by Luo Renling (羅任玲): 鷹 Eagle 站在巍巍的山頂等 Standing on the towering mountain top awaiting 風,漫漫近了 The wind, as it gradually approaches 張開茫然底袖 It absently spreads its sleeves 一個寂寞 A sudden sense of … Continue reading

Memory and Small Town China: ‘Hometown Boy’ Review 《金城小子》影評

This is a slow-brewing documentary and Taiwanese director, Yao Hung-yi (姚宏易) clearly shares a love of long but poignant camera shots with executive director Hou Hsiao-hsien (候孝賢). The documentary is about Chinese artist and actor Liu Xiaodong (劉小東) going back to his hometown … Continue reading