Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have just completed a course in Chinese and would like to use my skills in my work. How can I do this?

You may not be able to use your Chinese straight away, but don't worry. Your Chinese will have a long shelf life. If you haven't done so already, develop a professional skill or knowledge in a particular sector, then after several years steer yourself back into the field by seeking employment with organisations which are engaging with China. Alternatively, seek out a graduate training scheme with a large firm that does business with China, but accept that your training will be learning about the business at hand and that you may not be able to use your Chinese skills straight away. The biggest competition for jobs will often come from extremely well qualified and capable native speakers. You will need to set yourself apart by possessing a unique combination of skills and experience.

Q: What kind of opportunities are available if I just go to China and seek work there?

You can go to China and seek work on a locally engaged basis. With more and more foreign firms doing business in China, there are opportunities to learn new skills and get experience. But it may take time to find your feet. There are more examples of foreigners working for Chinese firms, but unless you have particular skills, remuneration will be low. Teaching English as a Foreign Language can be rewarding and also be a means to sustain yourself until other opportunities arise.

Q: I studied Chinese ten years ago and have forgotten most it. How can I get it back up to scratch?

Have a look at the information about language top-up courses and other ideas in the Professional Development section of this site.

Q: How can I network with other speakers of Chinese?

The members section of the website has the contact details of other speakers of Chinese as a second language. Log In and take a look. The Association also encourages its members to meet up informally and practise their Chinese! You may be surprised at what speakers of Chinese may end up doing!

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