Honorary President (UK) 荣誉会长(英国), James Kynge 金奇 (More... 更多…)

James Kynge, Honorary President (UK)"China's economic rise and the evolving diversification of its culture have created a wealth of opportunity. An acquaintance with the Chinese language allows people to access this opportunity in a deeper and broader context, regardless of whether the individual motivation is commercial, academic, professional or simply an abiding interest. Some 30 years ago, the number of UK citizens with an inclination to study Chinese or to live and work in China represented only a slender fringe in society and, also in those days, the welcome extended to outsiders by the People's Republic remained guarded and cool. Now, however, intimations of China's presence are found even in commonplace expressions of everyday life, and hundreds of thousands of British people live and work throughout the Chinese mainland. The establishment of the Association for Speakers of Chinese as a Second Language (Chinese Speakers) provides an invaluable forum to help members network among themselves, understand new developments in the rapidly changing UK-China environment and encourage those starting out in their careers, as well as seasoned "China hands", to locate the opportunities that suit them best. I am delighted to be a part of it."


Honorary President (China) 荣誉会长 (中国), Carma Elliot CMG OBE 艾琳 (More... 更多…)

Lance Browne, Honorary President (China)"I graduated in Chinese and German from Leeds and Fudan Universities in 1987. On graduation I joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office: for over 23 years between 1987-2010 I worked in a total of 6 countries in a wide variety of roles including trade and investment and political. My final three postings were as Consul-General in Chongqing, Jeddah and Shanghai. I was awarded the OBE in 2003 for services to British trade in China and was honoured to receive a CMG in 2010, following the UK's success at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. I then went on to become Executive Director at China’s largest international NGO, the Half the Sky Foundation (2010-2013), before joining the British Council in April 2013 and taking up my post as Director China. 2018 marks the 34th anniversary of my first coming to China, and I have spent most my adult life here. I am also proud and humbled to be mum to two great Chinese girls. Learning Chinese and engaging with China has truly shaped my life, and given me opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally. Chinese language skills and understanding and appreciation of China have undoubtedly at times given me a competitive edge as I developed my career."

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